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Spain is a popular country for overseas dental work, attracting patients looking for a high-end dental tourism from North America, The United Kingdom and the European Union.

Not only does Spain offer high-quality dental work at more affordable prices; there is the added benefit of shorter waiting times than many patients are used to back home.

Most patients also comment on the great dental tourism customer service and high level of English communication which makes the experience more enjoyable.

Furthemore, there are many reasons why people might choose Spain over any other destination for dental tourism.

Dental tourism


The main reason people travel abroad for dental tourism is to save money. Private dental treatment can be incredibly expensive in The United Kingdom or in The EU countries, while traveling for dental tourism to countries as Spain you can find the same treatments up to 70% less the price.

For example in the United Kingdom the cost for each porcelain veneer is approximately between 1000 - 1200 euros compared with Spain where the cost per each porcelain veneer is 340 euros, definitely dental tourism is the best option to get cheaper porcelain veneers than in the UK.


Dental tourism is a safe option. To practice in Spain, dentists must hold a degree from a Spanish University or a diploma from a recognized EU country. In Spain, dental training takes around five years at university.

Once a dentist has completed their undergraduate education they may choose to specialize in a particular area of dentistry.

Dentists in Spain must be registered to the Spanish Dental Association in order to practice. They must also register with their local authority. 

Dental Tourism in Spain

The first thing many people think of about Spain is its sunshine, which attracts millions of holidaymakers to its coasts and cities every year, making Spain the most tourist-friendly country in the world.

Spain has the third most UNESCO world heritage sites out of all the countries in the world (after China and Italy) with 45. The country’s rich and multicultural history is kept very much alive by the many impressive sites that dot the country.

Dental Tourism in Madrid

Madrid is a beguiling place with an energy that carries one simple message: this city really knows how to live.

An Artistic City

A Culinary Capital

Killing the Night

Beautiful Architecture

dental tourism spain

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