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ReTSmile is born with the objective of solving aesthetic problems with porcelain veneers in a fast, trustworthy way, using the advantages of the latest technologies of the market, with a team capable of solving all of your concerns. 


Thanks to the technology that we work with, we can show you the design of your new smile itself before crafting the final porcelain veneers, so you are able to preview how the result is going to look like, making the adjustments needed with the ReTSmile professional team. 


Our work philosophy allow us to do a full treatment of porcelain veneers in only two appointments, with minimally painless invasive techniques that require no anesthesia or aggressive drilling.

In ReTSmile we work with porcelain E.max veneers, which have the best quality of the market. We get involved to exceed your expectations.


Image of the porcelain veneers in the cementation guide (left image). The porcelain veneers are individual to each tooth (right image) after removing the cementation guide.

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At ReTSmile, our main objective is to satisfy our international guests and ensure their comfort with exceptional quality and empathetic patient-care approach along with the most affordable dental treatment plans that will enhance their smiles.

Our dental team

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Dr. Diego de Castro​ Adán, Bachelor in Dentistry in 2014 at University of Zaragoza, Spain.

Clinical Director of ReTSmile.

Exclusive practice in aesthetic, restorative and prosthodontics dentistry. 

Professional activity developed in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States and Spain.  


International lecturer about aesthetic and digital dentistry. Author and coauthor of scientific odontological publications.

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